NYSDEC Wetland Map Amendments – NYC Watershed

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 

Bagdon Environmental was selected by the NYSDEC to conduct wetland map amendments in the New York City reservoir watersheds. This project was part of an extensive effort to aid in the protection of water quality for the New York City water supply system.  Bagdon Environmental biologists coordinated with the NYSDEC and NYCDEP to update and re-map thousands of acres of wetlands in Delaware, Greene, Ulster, Sullivan, Schoharie, Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties.

This effort involved amending the existing state regulatory maps (ECL Article 24) using remote sensing techniques and field investigation to more accurately map wetland boundaries. Draft maps were compiled using geographical information systems (GIS) with overlays of existing mapped wetlands, hydric soils maps, topography, NWI maps and high resolution aerials. By comparing this information  to existing wetland maps, Bagdon Environmental was able to determine potential map additions, deletions, and revisions.

Bagdon Environmental was responsible for revising the base regulatory wetland maps and notifying all affected landowners of proposed changes to the wetland maps. The draft maps and supporting information were presented at public hearings and promulgated as final regulatory wetland maps following the public hearing process.

Map amendments for the watersheds west of the Hudson River were successfully completed in 2001, adding approximately 700 acres of wetlands to the regulatory maps. The field work for the watersheds east of the Hudson River commenced in the fall of 2001. Field verification of wetland boundaries, data processing and map amendment hearings were completed in 2005. Approximately 11,000 acres of newly mapped wetlands were added in the Putnam, Westchester and part of Dutchess counties.

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