Wetland Delineation Services

wetland_servicesBagdon Environmental provides technical services, permitting and expert testimony for a wide range of wetland issues.  Our experience ranges from delineating wetlands on individual residential lots to large-scale wetland mapping in major watersheds and utility right-of-ways.

Our clients benefit from Bagdon Environmental’s combination of extensive project experience and excellent long-standing state/federal agency relations.

Technical services provided by our firm include wetland delineation, sub-meter GPS location, functional evaluation, mitigation planning/design/construction over-sight and monitoring.  Bagdon Environmental also provides ecological services for wetland studies including wildlife surveys and habitat assessments, vegetation community mapping and botanical surveys, Habitat Evaluation Studies (HEP), endangered species studies, invasive species mapping/control and impact assessments.

Bagdon Environmental’s highly trained professional staff includes Certified Professional Wetland Scientists (Society of Wetland Scientists), Certified Ecologists (Ecological Society of America) and wildlife biologists certified in Habitat Evaluation Procedures by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  All Bagdon staff conducting wetland delineations and determinations are trained in the inter-agency methodology for delineating federally regulated wetlands.