Environmental Noise Assessment Modeling with CadnaA

Bagdon utilizes the state-of-the-art CadnaA software to carry out noise modeling to evaluate complex environmental noise assessment problems. CadnaA inputs include buildings, topography, barriers, vegetation, roads, traffic, point noise sources locations and heights, and receptors of concern.  Point source data is input as sound power (octave band Lw) or as reference dBA (LpA).

The program calculates sound levels at specified receptor locations and also prints sound contour maps out to any chosen distance.  Some uses for CadnaA include:

  • to accurately predict noise levels at all surrounding locations from operating equipment
  • to test the impact of utilizing different equipment makes or models with different sound spectra
  • to test and predict the impact of installing noise barriers at different locations and heights or other attenuation features
  • to determine the impact on day-night noise (Ldn) of different operating schedules