Acoustical Analysis

noise-02aEnvironmental noise can be a major factor in the siting of new projects either because the project will be impacted by existing noise or because the project will generate noise that may impact existing properties.  Existing noise on a site can increase project cost by requiring soundproofing of new structures.  Alternatively, the cost of minimizing the environmental noise impacts of a new project on existing properties can be significant.

Accurate prediction of noise impacts generated by new projects is important to determine whether the project will meet existing noise standards or whether special mitigation measures will be required.  Bagdon utilizes various modeling tools to predict noise impact of new project including CadnaA, a state-of-the-art noise modeling program.

A full noise evaluation requires visits to the site to monitor existing noise levels and full knowledge of the proposed operations.  Through the use of monitoring equipment and modeling tools, Bagdon can predict future levels, compare the effectiveness of different noise reduction/mitigation strategies and select the most cost effective solutions.

Bagdon has provided environmental noise consulting services to municipalities, private developers, and private landowners.  We have prepared noise analyses for environmental impact statements, Part 360 applications, Mined Land Use Plan applications, and to meet local requirements.