GlobalFoundries M+W U.S.

Environmental Noise Modeling and Monitoring
Town of Malta, NY

Bagdon Environmental conducted both environmental noise modeling and monitoring services for the GlobalFoundries, Inc Chip Fab project in Malta, NY. The site are covers more than 222 acres and borders both the Town of Malt and the Town of Stillwater.

Prior to construction, Bagdon worked with M+W U.S. and both Towns to develop satisfactory environmental noise limits during construction and final operation. In addition, Bagdon modeled the proposed operating conditions using CadnaA  simulation software to predict noise levels at various locations and to determine potential mitigation techniques to reduce unwanted operating noise. Overall, Bagdon’s model evaluated nearly 70 different types of noise sources and over 200 pieces of equipment.

A number of noise sources and problems were identified during the modeling process, which provided feedback to the design team and resulted in several site and equipment changes prior to construction. Recommendations to reduce unwanted operating noise included strategies such as increasing the size of a planned earth berm and relocating mechanical equipment.

During construction, our staff made multiple visits to the site to measure noise levels of construction equipment and plant operations. Bagdon has continued to monitor the noise levels throughout completion of construction and initial operations to verify the accuracy of the modeling work that was done as well as to confirm that the project complies with the noise guidelines established by the Towns. Weatherproof noise monitoring stations have been used to record noise data continuously for extended periods of time to identify potential problems that may be missed with short term monitoring. Our staff has also made a number of visits to the site to measure noise levels associated with particular pieces of equipment.

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