Robinson Terrace Assisted Living Facility

Stamford Society Foundation, Inc
Town of Stamford, Delaware County, NY

Bagdon Environmental 3 - Post-construction 6-10-11 (3)delineated and documented onsite wetlands adjacent to a NYSDEC regulated wetland for a senior housing project in rural Delaware County, NY. Our biologists worked with project engineers to develop a low impact site plan and designed a wetland creation area to mitigate for the impacts. Bagdon coordinated the efforts with three regulating agencies, the NYSDEC, the ACOE and the NYCDEP to obtain the required permits for the project.

1 - July 10, 2012The photograph above shows the wetland mitigation area after the final grading in June 2011 and one year later (July 2012) showing a successfully established vegetated wetland (left).




Services provided:

  • Wetland delineation, GPS survey and jurisdictional determination
  • Preparation of wetland delineation report
  • Section 401 Water Quality Certification
  • ACOE Nationwide Permit 39
  • Agency coordination
  • Mitigation plan with wetland creation design and deed restrictions
  • Five year mitigation monitoring and reporting

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