Mill Seat Landfill Biological Monitoring

Monroe County Department of Environmental Services                                            50 West Main Street City Place, Suite 7100, Rochester, NY 14614

millseatBagdon Environmental conducted a variety of wetland and wildlife studies on the 400-acre Monroe County landfill site from the initial siting in 1988 through completion in 1991. This work included:

  • State and federal wetland delineation
  • Analysis of terrestrial and aquatic resources for the DEIS and public hearings
  • Surveys and field searches for rare, threatened, and endangered wetland species (fauna and flora)
  • Preparation of a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan for lands surrounding the landfill (including wetland habitat enhancement plan)
  • Design of a long-term biological monitoring program (including quanititave vegetation analysis and qualitative wildlife surveys) for wetlands adjacent to the landfill
  • Conducting baseline monitoring of flora and fauna for the monitoring program

Bagdon Environmental worked under long-term contract with Monroe County to conduct the biological monitoring of the wetlands from 1991 through 2001. This study is on the of the most comprehensive monitoring efforts in the state.

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