O&G Industries (Holcim US, Inc.)

Ecological assessment for proposed upgrades to haul road
Towns of Greenport and Hudson, Columbia County, NY

O&G Project Aerial

Bagdon Environmental conducted an ecological assessment and impact analysis for proposed upgrades to an existing industrial haul road. At the time of the assessment, the road surface was mostly unimproved dirt road that was in poor condition and unsuitable for most vehicles.  The upgrades were needed to handle proposed truck traffic and included: vegetation clearing to increase visibility; re-grading; repair of severely eroded areas; and paving.  Safety concerns necessitated the installation of warning lights, fencing, curbs and two pull-off areas.

The project had been scrutinized by a local environmental group that alleged dire environmental consequences as a result of the project.  Bagdon Environmental biologists fully documented the existing ecological conditions and communities in the vicinity of the haul road, including invasive species, rare or endangered species, and use by wildlife. The assessment included analysis of the potential environmental/ecological impacts concerning the road upgrade work and the increased truck traffic. As a result of Bagdon Environmental’s analysis, the alleged deleterious environmental impacts were found to be unsubstantiated. The project was accepted by the municipal reviewing agencies without any additional study.

Services provided:

  • Ecological assessment – field work and documentation
  • Rare plant survey
  • Impact analysis report

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